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School Policies

Discipline Plan

The staff and students at Greenwood Elementary believe that everyone has the right to experience a safe and friendly school environment.  Greenwood uses a progressive discipline plan school wide. 



All students are to wear school uniforms on a daily basis. The school uniform colors are navy blue and white.

Please adhere to the following guidelines when purchasing your child's uniform:

Shirts/Polo Shirts:  White long or short sleeve shirts may be worn.
Sweatshirts/Sweaters:  Navy Blue
Jackets:  Navy Blue (no logos)
Pants/Shorts:  Navy Blue
Skirts/Jumpers:  Navy Blue
Shoes:  Low or flat heel. No sandals or open toe shoes allowed
Tennis Shoes:  No roller skating tennis shoes
Earrings:  For safety reasons, girls are allowed to wear post earrings only.
GWE T-shirts:  May be worn on Fridays only.


Please assist us in encouraging students to wear school uniforms.